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QUALITY IS OUR COMMITMENT.                           


The Quality Policy of UNITEC, SL provides that the General Direction, representing the whole organization, is committed to design, develop, implement and maintain, according to ISO 9001:2008, the system of quality management is best suited to the characteristics of the Organization and try to maintain the continuous improvement of its effectiveness.

The commitment includes complying with: customer requirements, relevant standards, specifications and internal legal and regulatory requirements. It also includes trying to avoid, as much as possible, internal nonconformities and to find solutions to customer complaints.

The Quality Policy provides the framework of the departments with responsibility in meeting customer requirements in the implementation of internal organizational requirements and continuous improvement, applied to the effectiveness of processes, based meeting the following basic objectives:

.- The reduction of internal nonconformities and customer complaints.

.- The process improvement of the Organization by the indicators shown

.- The improved performance of facilities and equipment.

.- The improved performance of staff.

.- The improvement of supplier performance.

.- The improvement of the resulting assessment of the client.

.- The reduction of delays in delivery to customers.

.- The reduction of operating costs.

.- The increase in productivity.

This Quality Policy is distributed to all Depts., Standing in a conspicuous place and must be understood, implemented and maintained throughout the organization.

This Quality Policy is reviewed following the review programs of the Directorate, to achieve continuous adaptation, through its concepts, combined with quality goals, and by the results of internal audit and of the Certification Authority .





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